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Conditions of Use

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS WEBSITE &/OR PLACING AN ORDER. All users of this site agree that access to and use of this site are subject to the following terms and conditions and other applicable law. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not use this site. All customers placing an order for any product on this site are hereby bound by the following terms and conditions:

Terms & Conditions On Product Purchase


This contract together with the preceding attached invoice constitutes the sole and complete agreement between the Customer and Vinyl Pro Windows & Doors Ltd. (Vinyl Pro) regarding the subject matter and is subject to additional charges should changes be required after signed by Customer. However, once order is placed there is no guarantee that changes can be made. There are no promises, agreements, conditions, undertakings, warranties or representations, oral or written, express or implied, between Customer & Vinyl Pro relating to this subject matter, other than as set forth in this contract. The pricing of the attached proposal is valid up to 30 days from date of proposal. Vinyl Pro reserves the sole right to substitue manufacturer of any product which is equivalent or greater in quality. At any time prior to receipt of signed contract, full payment &/or production of product Vinyl Pro has right to cancel this proposal without recourse. No statement, representation or agreement, written or verbal, not appearing in this contract is binding on Vinyl Pro.


All payments are to be made to " Vinyl Pro Windows & Doors Ltd.". For the purpose of this document "Payment" is received once method of payment Customer has utilized has cleared and is recorded as deposit into Vinyl Pro’s bank account. Customer agrees to pay $85.00 for all returned &/or cancelled checks. 100% of this invoice must be paid in full before delivery will be made.


Delivery is “Curbside Delivery” only. Customer must furnish help to unload at time of delivery. Customer should carefully check material upon arrival. Any shortage, damage or incorrect size/color/options, etc. must be noted immediately on the delivery list and copy provided to driver. Vinyl Pro is not responsible for material once delivered unless shortage, damage or incorrect size/color/options, etc. unless deficiency is reported at time of delivery. Note, on delivery of windows & doors, allow up to 5 weeks from the time Vinyl Pro is in receipt of a fully signed contract & full payment. All products will be delivered upon receipt from manufacturer. Any product asked to be held by Vinyl Pro for delayed delivery will incur additional charges. It is at the sole discretion of Vinyl Pro on whether any delivery will be held upon Customer's request or delivered immediately upon completion. 100% of this invoice must be paid in full before delivery will be made. Vinyl Pro will not be responsible for delays due to labor troubles, fire, accidents, transportation, or other causes beyond its control.


Customer agrees to pay all collection fees & charges, including but not limited to, all legal & attorney fees that result should customer default for any reason under this contract. This agreement must be governed by the laws of the Province Of Alberta. In the unfortunate event your account becomes past due and referred to a collection agency or attorney, Customer shall be responsible for a collection fee equal to 35% of any balance past due. Vinyl Pro reserves the right to file a lien, report to credit bureau, collect and, but not limited to, file suit for any and all outstanding balances owed by Customer.


All product orders are final & Cancellations WILL NOT be accepted. In most situations customers are in a hurry to receive their product therefore we do everything in our power to get product into production as soon as possible. Once item is put into production it is being manufactured to custom specifications of the Customer and therefore prevents us from cancelling or accepting returns on orders. It is to the sole discretion of Vinyl Pro to cancel an order that has not yet gone into production, however there will be a $75 administrative fee deducted from any returned monies paid back to Customer.


Customer is responsible for checking all permit & HOA/Condo requirements prior to placing order. It is Customer's sole responsibility to ensure these approvals are in place prior to placing order with Vinyl Pro. Vinyl Pro is not responsible for and/or has not made any investigations as to HOA/Condo/City/Town/County/State/Province rules, regulations, architectural design or other such compliances. Customer should carefully check quantities, sizes, and specifications. It is the Customer's sole responsibility to ensure entire order is correct (i.e., sizes, color, etc.) prior to signing. On Glass Block orders due to manufacturer restrictions with the actual sizes of the individual glass block that is used, the actual size of the window may be smaller than size ordered. If you have any concerns on actual make size please check with your sales rep. before processing order. Some of the products ordered within the preceding invoice will be made and or assembled to the specific requirements, and therefore this order is not cancelable. Regardless, no items within this order can be returned.


Customer has reviewed manufacturers/sellers warranty. Vinyl Pro is not responsible for any warranties expressed or implied. Customer is using Vinyl Pro for obtaining products from a specific manufacturer and by signing below has approved the attached proposal. Warranties are in effect only after complete and full payment has been made.